Bufo Alvarius


5 meo dmt ceremony Spain
Bufo Alvarius Ceremony Spain

Bufo Alvarius 5MeO DMT is the sacred medicine of ancestors, a medicine found in the skin of toads.

The medicinal poison of the toad (Bufo Alvarius) that lives in the Sonora desert. (Bufo Alvarius).
 Since ancient times, it has been used as a medicine to heal the human energy body.

This information is a product of many years of observation and my comments and opinions are based on my personal observations of the use of 5 meo dmt by various participants in ceremonies for various disorders in the field of physical and mental health. They are based on my personal experience with this medicine.
Organic matter 5 meo dmt, which is a substance extracted from Sonora sapito, is also present in various plant genera of European and Asian origin.

It has been scientifically proven that, like other tryptamines, 5 meo dmt promotes the reabsorption of serotonin and melatonin, causing changes in the field of perception.

5 meo dmt is considered a neurotransmitter and is also naturally found in the human brain. Known as “food for the brain,” and the brain perceives it as glucose; The human body is produced 5 meo dmt in the pineal gland during a positive mood, joy, euphoria and mainly during deep sleep. During consumption of 5 meo dmt, the body increases the production of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine and enzymes, which contribute to the healing and regeneration of the body, thereby releasing a significant amount of accumulated unconscious stress, unlocking the immune system

5 meo dmt ceremony
5 meo dmt ceremony

Effects: depending on the state of consciousness or intoxication, the participant may experience some of the following events:

– Mass release from accumulated stress (conscious or unconscious).
– Dissolution of unconscious cellular memories that are addictive, convulsions, psychosomatic illnesses and suffering.
Partial or complete disconnection of physical and / or visual reality.
-Fusion of the participant with his surroundings.
The feeling that I was thrown into a vacuum at high speed.
Feeling that the body explodes in thousands or millions of particles.
During the process, a person experiences the experience of multidimensional reality
He observes the multidimensional projections of sacred geometry and begins to realize
That our three-dimensional reality is just a small part of infinity
Conditioned vibration frequencies of matter and form

Advantages: after eating 5 months. The participant feels the deep release of his emotional traumatic loads (stress), and these feelings are the most important, since the process of cleansing and relieving stress will continue for several hours, and sometimes even for several days.

The participant discovers that his ego has been broken, reduced, or minimized, allowing you to appreciate and appreciate everyday things with greater intensity. On the other hand, depending on the degree of physical, mental and emotional intoxication of the participant, the participant can expel toxins accumulated over the years from the body.

5 meo dmt activates the pineal gland, stimulating the normal functioning of the body’s immune system, causing the physical, mental or emotional states to self-correct and recover.

It should be clarified that to date there are no records that the use of 5 meo dmt causes harmful side effects for the body or consequences directly or indirectly associated with physical and mental health. It has also been scientifically proven that consuming 5 meo dmt (Bufo alvarius) does not cause any type of addiction, but rather the opposite, as it usually destroys addiction, attachment and obsession.

A session of relieving emotional and stressful loads with 5 meo dmt lasts about 45 minutes.