Ayahuasсa ceremony Thailand

Ayahuasca ceremony in Thailand on Phangan island

ayahuasca retreat Thailand
Ayahuasca ceremony retreat Thailand


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 And find out all of the information about ayahuasca ceremony  on Phangan Thailand personally. 

  • Duration of the ceremony is 4 hours, but we stay in the place of ceremony until morning, after main part of the ceremony we will share expirience and  stay in process. We start ceremony at 7 pm and come back in the morning. All ceremonies consist of two day retreat. The first day of the cleansing ceremony with Ayahuasca vine caapi. In the evening on the second day there is a second main ceremony, a training process, opens up access to other worlds using combinations of different vines.  Ayahuasсa ceremony Thailand
  • We will make this ceremony in the nature or house.
  • Accommodation and meals are not included in the price of ayahuasca ceremony in Thailand on phangan.
  • We make ayahuascca ceremony retreat ceremony in traditional peruvian style, Akvaruna tribe traditions, at night with singing icaros (traditional magic peruvian songs)
  • Ceremony guide kurandero , he already  work with plants 15 years, he studied in Peru.
  • All participants stay in there oun process. You need to bring with you: yoga mat, pillow(may be), blanket, water.
  • We recomend to partisipate in 2 ceremonies.
  • Usually we guide the ceremony in russian and english languages. Groups are different nationalities.

Ayahuasca ceremony in “Akvaruna” tribe tradition.

There are many different tribes in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador and each tribe has a different composition of the drink, ritual of the ceremony and, of course, the results.

You can find both “tough” and “soft” methods of the ceremonies.

The tough one:

“Tough” method –  quite extreme one. The emphasis is on getting the visual effects and mystical experiences of the vibrant. To enhance the effect of the drink usually plants containing DMT, datura, cocaine, psychoactive mushrooms and cacti are added. Mostly it gives you a lot of bright visions and insights. You can even have a so-called death experience. Such ceremony can be useful in special occasions and often you can experience blissful joy because you, unexpectedly for yourself, survived from such intensive feelings.

Unfortunately sometimes this leads to psychological traumas and in these cases people need a certain therapy for recovery.

Such experience can be interesting only for those who are proficient enough and who craves for new adventures, for those who desperately want to see other forms of the reality and are not afraid of experimenting with their minds.

The soft one:

“Soft” method – soulful, you can kindly feel mothers care from the spirit of the Ayahuasca plant.

The main purpose of the ceremony is deep healing, primarily by cleansing the body from all superfluous gained over the years: various toxins, poisons and diseases which you have gotten on the level of the physical body. However, this ceremony can purify your mental body out of the  accumulated pain and resentment, make both your channels and meridians clear. When the moment is right the plant can become a teacher for you and show hidden on a subconscious level.

As a result after the procedure in the morning you will feel a total renewal  of the body and spirit, moreover, freshness of life.

In our case we follow the traditions of the Akvaruna  tribe- Soft method!

Our method is suitable for people interested in the liberation from the shackles of ignorance, for people coming to the light, to the truth,  honesty. For those who wish to be healed from all sorts of the diseases and in future use this method to maintain a good shape and a clear mind.

If you want to go through the ceremony you should exactly know why you need it and understand that this step is a big opportunity and leads to a radical change in your life.

The Master who will lead you through the “healing trip” has been practising Amazonian medicine over 12 years, he is versed and still improves his skills every year from more experienced “curandero” in Selva, Amazon, Peru.

Ceremonies are held on courses for 2-3-5 days. To have a really deep effect you should take a few of these courses.

Usually there are small groups of 5-12 people. Individual sessions are also possible, as well as separate sessions for families, friends or groups of advanced participants.

If any of mentioned above does not suit you – please look for another option, that you may find perfect for you.

We follow and prefer to work with the soft method, which is stressless and calm- oriented.

Our drink is made in Peru, Selva, Amazonia


Despite the fact that traditional Ayahuasca in Phangan ceremony has its origins in the Amazon, it’s recipe has been echoed around the world long time ago and now people drink Ayahuasca in all corners of the globe. There is even a belief that the substances contained in Ayahuasca are also present in many other plants that are available in almost every region. It is possible that Russian, Chinese, Indian or any other shamans had information about DMT, but their knowledge and recipes did not reach our days.

Ayahuasca ceremony retreat  in Phangan Thailand

In the age of Kali Yuga everyone is condemned to suffer from different diseases. Even if you meet the happiest and the most shining person ever, who is filled with beauty and health, you will probably hear the story about how sick and infirm they were before they started to work on themselves.

If the traditional medicine with its doctors, pills and procedures really saved us from the diseases, we would never turn to the spiritual practices, teachers or holy books. However, subconsciously we feel that only this way we can find the hearth of our problems and try to correct them. Medicine can only remove the symptoms for a while.

Since ancient times shamans of the Amazon have used the drink called Ayahuasca to treat people who come to them. They also conducted experiments with Ayahuasca on themselves in order to achieve the higher worlds and deal with the inner self. No one knows exactly when and by whom Ayahuasca was invented, but its ceremonies are held for many hundreds of years around the world and more and more people tell about their out of body experience, which was their dream of a lifetime. Ayahuasca ceremony retreat

Preparation for the Ceremony of Ayahuasca in Phangan

Ayahuasca ceremony in Phangan Thailand is a very strict and meaningful event. Failure to comply cautions and requirements can lead to serious problems. They can occur on both physical and mental levels. Therefore, you should always learn as much as possible about the Ayahuasca ceremony from the person who is going to hold it and carefully follow shaman or teacher’s instructions.

As a rule, the preparation for the ceremony of Ayahuasca starts long before the trip directly. A week before drinking Ayahuasca it is necessary to start the mental and nutritional diet.

Your thoughts should be clean. Do not do evil, do not offend others, do not take the offence, do not get mad, do not quarrel and try to keep the state of thoughtlessness: when no external factors disturb your inner self. Prepare your mind and body for the meet with spirits of Ayahuasca  ceremony retreat Thailand 

As for the food, a week before the ceremony of Ayahuasca it is highly recommended to exclude meat, milk products, alcohol and drugs from your diet. Extra caution should be taken to the pills. If you have the opportunity to quit taking them a week before Ayahuasca ceremony, do this. This will increase your chances to get a positive experience.

A list of products that should be excluded from the diet a week before the ceremony of Ayahuasca in Thailand on Phangan:

• Milk and dairy products

• Alcohol

• Cigarettes

• Meat, fish and eggs

• Yeasts

• Onions and garlic

• Hot pepper

• Protein supplements

• Legumes (beans, lentils, soybeans, peanuts)

• Sauerkraut

• Soy sauce

• Chocolate

• Caffeine, theobromine, matein (coffee, tea, mate tea, cocoa, cola)

• Drugs

2-3 days prior to the ceremony of Ayahuasca it is necessary to prepare much more serious. Eating only fruits and vegetables for these days is the best. They can be heat treated, but do not add any spices. Nevertheless, not all fruits and vegetables can be eaten.

2-3 days before the ceremony of Ayahuasca in Phangan exclude:

• Bananas

• Citrus fruits

• Avocado

• Figs

• Raisins

• Prunes

• Raspberries

• Pineapples

• Coconuts

• Spinach

The best way is to only drink water at the day of ceremony.

It is important to note that during the week before the ceremony of Ayahuasca ceremony retreat it is necessary to completely eliminate sexual relationships. This is needed due to the accumulation of proper amount of energy, especially in the two lower chakras. Many shamans say that celibacy is far more important than food diet.

Ayahuasca ceremony Phangan Thailand

You are the most responsible person for the abstention from food before drinking Ayahuasca ceremony retreat. This affects the quality of visions, your communication with the spirits, your physical and mental feelings. In addition, if not dieting, you endanger your health and even life: there are known deaths after taking Ayahuasca of those who did not pay attention to the warnings.

During the Ayahuasca ceremony you should be ready for a sharp and unpleasant cleaning of your body. You could feel sick, you will probably vomiting and have a diarrhea. This is considered to be a part of the ritual, because body releases from toxins, germs and evil spirits with these fluids. It is believed that the more cleaning is committed, the more spiritual dirt a person has.

During the first hour you may feel extreme weakness and a state near to the loss of consciousness. The body will be uncontrollable, thoughts too. This is normal. This is the first step of Ayahuasca in Phangan Thailand, the entry to the lower worlds. You should not be afraid, but be ready for any eventualities. After overcoming the first stage in hour or so, you will be able to rise above yourself and see things that can not be seen with eyes. Different worlds, creatures, shapes, energies…

You may want to scream, you might be scared. Maybe you will feel the euphoria and happiness, want singing and dancing. Do not restrain yourself under any circumstances and always refer to shaman for help or advice. Throughout the ceremony of Ayahuasca he will be near you, playing musical instruments and controlling your mind. Remember that shaman or teacher is a person who drank Ayahuasca many times, conducted many ceremonies and many good and bad trips happened to him. Rely on him, trust him.

Trip duration is a pretty personal thing. Someone will finish in just few hours, someone will feel Ayahuasca action even after 8-10 hours. For this reason Ayahuasca ceremony begins at the sunset time and lasts until the dawn. The bonfire will help to focus and disperse heavy thoughts.

Usually people who drink Ayahuasca in Phangan  stay at the same place. Is is allowed to sit, lie down, stand up. If you want to walk or leave the place of Ayahuasca ceremony, you should let shaman know. Possibly someone will go with you as a companion.



Of course, you got a lot of questions. Many of them we can answer. But if you want to know more without contacting us, you can watch following videos. We have collected the most interesting about Ayahuasca, ceremony of Ayahuasca in Phangan Thailand, people’s experience and so on.

Ayahuasca – is a great way to strengthen our connection with the soul and learn to live in a state of balance. This plant has an undeniable strength and power, so it should be used with great responsibility and only under the guidance of experienced shamans.

Ayahuasca works in two ways: it cleans and sets you free from blocks, as well as teaches you. All diseases and sicknesses, whether mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical – is the result of blocked energy. Answers to all internal questions can come as an insight of awareness. By taking part in the ceremony of ayahuasca, you purify, strengthen, and become more aware of your energy, heal, transform and develop.

We will work with the healing traditions of the Amazon jungle, experiencing the benefits of the powerful plants and medicines, physical cleansings and spiritual teachings will allow us to access deeper levels of consciousness, heal emotional wounds, expand the heart and open new channels of understanding. This precious experience opens a window for insight, inspiration and creativity.

For several years’ experience of ceremonies, we came to the Retreat format. A few days of ceremonies – bring very powerful results. Also, the combination of breathing and meditation practices between ceremonies aligns and integrate the energy produced in the ceremonies in the body. The combination of meditations and ceremonies with Ayahuasca complete process and for the participant it will be easier to adapt to social life after the process. We will do Osho meditations, breathing practice, sitting in silence…

This is a precious gift you can give to yourself. And you deserve it!

What you experience here will source you forever.

Preparations for Ayahuasca Retreat Thailand

Jungle Medicine Retreat requires careful preparation. Before the ceremonies participants must be sexually abstinent for a week before and three days after.

In addition to sexual abstinence participants must adhere to a strict diet, not eating meat and milk products, alcoholic drinks, as well as sugar, salt, pepper, spices and fatty foods. Foods rich in tyramine and should be excluded from the diet, such as cheeses, meats, sausages, fish, beens, citrus fruits. Medications, antidepressants and drugs are also participants must not use for a week before the Retreat. We can say that diet is directly dependent on the quality and depth of your personal interaction with medicine.


– heart diseases

– serious mental illness

– thrombophlebitis

– pregnancy

It is necessary to have a blanket, pillow , yoga mat or a small mattress to be comfortable to lie on the floor. And also, if you wish, bring musical instruments, crystals , charms , ink drawing ( might want to draw ) , notebook and pen ( might want to write your own experience or coming to you ideas and inspiration ) , fruit.

About Ayahuasca ceremonial process:

We usually start ceremony from preparation a place and blowing with special Peruvian tobacco people and the room. Than we hold sharing, people one by one express their intention. Shamans also talk about their experiences, about all moments that you may encounter during the process. Then the shamans explain the process. During the ceremony the plant will drink once at the beginning, and then every hour will be an additional portion, there will be 3 extra portions total. So everyone will have the opportunity to go deeper during the process. Nobody will remain unaffected.

The ceremony will be held in the traditional format of Peru, in the dark. Participants in the ceremony are invited to take a relaxed open pose, lying down or sitting. Everyone will be in their individual process. Shamans will sing sacred magic songs, Ikaros, they will lead, guide the ceremony. Each song has a sacred meaning, some songs has cleansing effect, rise, healing, recuperation effect. Shamans will sing for 4 hours. After, ceremony will be smoothly completed and at the end shamans will blow with special Peruvian tobacco people and the room, to ground the person. At the end 1 hour shamans will sing mantras and songs for opening the heart. The whole process from beginning till the end will be continued for 5 hours, then participants will be able to sleep, relax. The whole process shamans provide reliably protect the space for everyone!

Shamans worked with plant for 4 years, guided 140 ceremonies together.

After the ceremony we asked to adhere the same diet as before the ceremony.

Contact e-mail: Ayahuascagroup@gmail.com

Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand Phuket Ko Phangan

Have you ever heard about the miraculous Ayahuasca, the drink of Amazon shamans? It comes more and more often to those who want to come into contact with it personally. You will hear the reviews about it from your friends, bump into videos about it on the Internet and read snatches about Ayahuasca ceremony in the world literature. Ayahuasca is alive, it reminds about itself through a variety of symbols: at the streets, in the shops, on those tattooed people… She calls and beckons

Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand Phuket Ko Phangan 

Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand
Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand

If this happens to you recently, if you have already accumulated your sacral and secret questions addressed to the Universe, and just waiting for the right moment to resolve them, this is the right moment to meet Ayahuasca. This is the place where your old desires and dreams become real.
In 2015, on the island of Phangan, Thailand the group of professionals conducts regular ritual of Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand. Shamans who have lead more than 140 ceremonies all over the world, who got the initiation directly from Peruvian shamans, invite you to the most powerful psychological, spiritual and mystical retreat of your life. You will get into a week-long purification of the body, group discussions and psychological preparation for the ceremony, you will hear the real Icaros songs, will be fumigating with the smoke of Mapacho tobacco, you will take a drink, from which your body and soul everts, passing through all the circles of the material, physical hell, to get to the original place that you came from…

Ayahuasca ceremony in Thailand Phangan

In order to find more detailed information about the place of the Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand, the ritual of preparation, prices and the duration of the process, you may contact shamans via telephone or email.


email: ayahuascagroup@gmail.com

direct address:  Thailand Phangan, Chiang Mai

and find out all of the information about ayahuasca ceremony personally.

Ayahuasca thailand
Ayahuasca thailand

Ayahuasca in india

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