Bufo Alvarius Ceremony in Spain 5 meo dmt

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony in  Spain 

with Sapo 5-Meo-DMT

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Bufo alvarius Ceremony Spain 5 meo dmt
Bufo alvarius Ceremony in  Spain 5 meo dmt
With Victor 
Bufo Alvarius (Bufo Alvarius) is also known by the names: Sapo (Sapo), Colorado Toad (Colorado River toad (Incilius alvarius)), Toad desert Sonora (Sonoran Desert toad), lives in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.
The glands on her skin secrete a toxin that can paralyze any small animal up to the dog and contains 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin (5-HO-DMT). The only creature on the planet that emits in large quantities very close in composition to human DMT.
The ceremony with Bufo Alvarius is likely to be one of the most intense experiences in your life (as it was and almost every time happens in ours), and our accompaniment both in the ceremony and in preparation and integration does not simply come from understanding that what happens to you, but from empathy with your process, based on our considerable experience of living and conducting similar experiments (ceremonies).
Bufo Alvarius brings a healing, spiritual therapeutic experience of great intensity and purity, which leads us to restore the memory of who we are. Our Ego dissolves like salt in the ocean of consciousness, completely freeing the energy of suppressed emotions and accumulated stress. The peak of experience occurs within 3-10 minutes from the time of smoking. Further, usually a person enters into a state of peace and bliss, although sometimes a second, third, less often fourth and fifth wave of peak experiences and relaxations from self-awareness on other topics previously inaccessible or causing unconscious tension occurs. And finally, usually at the 20th – 40th minute, the participant gradually returns to a more ordinary, although thoroughly cleaned worldview. In the body, usually after the process there is a strong relaxation and calmness.
At the same time, inside the process, it may seem to the participant that a couple of minutes have passed, or several days, on the contrary, the sense of time and place is very lost, which is understandable, if eternity is lived, infinity is felt, and unity with all that exists 
It is worth mentioning the uniqueness of the substance collected from toads, for the first time only 3 months a year it is possible to collect the secretions of Bufo Alvarius glands in open nature. This is done with respect and reverence, and upon completion of the quick procedure, the toad is released back into its native habitat. Perhaps that’s why DMT from Bufo Alvarius toads is the mildest, but deeply effective of all types of DMT that I have tried.
Nevertheless, at some moments, the participant in the ceremony with Bufo Alvarius goes through terrible psychological discomfort (usually mental – emotional, very rarely physical), which, like in any experience passing through the psychedelic barrier, is only a vestibule or a frame made of dark metal for a meeting with a diamond of divine radiance.
But he is so impetuous and incredible that the ordinary mental Ego usually does not even have time to start resisting this experience, and therefore even for people with a staunchly resisting psyche that does not allow them to completely merge with their unconscious, for example, in ayavaska ceremonies, it is much easier to do in Ceremonies with Bufo Alvarius. The night ayahuascas and daytime ceremonies with Bufo Alvarius complement each other just as well, for the Ego, having deeply experienced the experiences of his death and surrender to Bufo Alvarius, is already starting to gradually release his control in the processes with Ayavaska faster and easier.
Often the process of dissolving the Ego in a ceremony with Bufo Alvarius is described as shooting yourself from a catapult into a void, which, after overcoming the “psychedelic sound barrier”, turns into a space of ecstasy and an ocean of absolute connection with itself and all life in this galaxy.
Extraordinary courage is needed to live through such an experience, but those who cross this line of ego death leave behind the illusion of separation, and emerge from the ocean of consciousness completely in here and now – in the maximum unity with who we are and what we are striving for.
You might think that these are aphorisms and beautiful words, but I’m not talking about visuals, and subtle realizations and sensations, but about the real experience of God and the whole Divine self, about the experience of being aware of oneself as a spiritual being living experience in the human body. This is really one of the most powerful and deepest experiences that a person can experience. This is a meeting with Kali, a mystical experience in which everything superficial and temporary is cut off, the observer becomes observable and the consciousness becomes aware of itself. I can’t promise that this experience will change your whole life, but this experience can become a starting point, an experience using which you can make decisions and act, starting from the divine in man, not from the human in itself ..
The text is written by Victor – this is the Shaman conducting the ceremony