Ayahuasсa ceremony Thailand

Ceremony Ayahuasca Phangan
Ceremony Ayahuasca Phangan

Dear beloved one,

Welcome to journey insight healing with Yin Porta
August is the sweet earth rain time,
fresh and pure element, bliss jungle, this is time for your spiritual retreat, reunion vipassana medicine ceremony,

2 retreat will collaborate with Ajuna my soul light brother.

Date 3-10 August 2016
Date 15-22 August 2016

Day 1 (3 August 2016 )

10 am pick up to Yin Portal
11 am settle in Yin Portal
12 am raw food
2.30 pm 1 and haft hour Thai massage and 40 Min Hot spring
4 pm Back to Yin Portal
6 pm raw food
8 pm Silent Meditation opening the retreat, fire place heart connection.
10 pm bed time

Day 2

7-8 am fresh herbal tea silent meditation
8-9 am raw breakfast
9-10 am Mother earth Offering ceremony and Mother Earth Labyrinth walk.
10.30-12 pm pick up to the waterfall / water ceremony
1 pm raw food ( last meal for today )
3 – 5 meeting introduction about ceremony and for native plant bathe
6 fire ceremony
8 pm medicine dosing / ceremony

Day 3
7- 9 am silent meditation and sharing interpret after healing ceremony
9-10 raw breakfast.
11-12 pm workshop energy healing
1 pm raw food
3-5 Workshop on make a dream catcher mandala or printing Mandala art work
6 pm raw food
8-9 pm Ajna Light group meditation
9-11 pm enjoy the fire place and bed time

Day 4

7-8 am silent morning meditation
9 am raw breakfast
10-12 workshop creative Mandala flowers meditation
1 pm raw food ( last meal )
3-5 native native plant bathe
6- 7 am fire ceremony / plant ceremony

Day 5
7- 10 am silent meditation and sharing and interpret after healing ceremony and breakfast and rest
11 -5 pm Jungle hike to pick up the native medicine
6 pm raw food
8-9 pm enjoy the fire place and bed time

Day 6

7-8 am silent morning meditation
9 am raw breakfast
10- 6 pm workshop prepare the native medicine (1 pm raw food last meal)
6 fire ceremony
8 Ceremony

Day 7
7- 9 am silent meditation and interpret after healing ceremony
9-10 raw breakfast and rest
1 pm raw food
2-5 pm Trip to Cystal cave, Jungle temple, Eco village and blessing from Buddhist Monk in the forest temple.
6 pm raw food
7- 10 pm cocoa ceremony Shamanic Earth dance
10 pm enjoy the fire place and bed time

Day 8
7-8 am silent morning meditation
9 am raw breakfast
10-12 closing the retreat
12 pm raw food
2-4 pm Hot spring, back to city airport


if you can please come to Yin Portal before the retreat 7 or 3 day for shamanic fasting, if you can t please do your own fasting before ceremony.

Recover :

If you want to continue stay at Yin Portal life style to recover the retreat welcome, Home stay 500 day with 2 vegan raw meal / day food

Fees : US$ 950

Accommodation, transport, foods, massage, hot spring and all ritual, offer 4 ceremony

-2 Aya ceremony

-1 plant ceremony from our native jungle

-1 cocoa ceremony.

please email me your healing intention and book your space

this retreat will host space at Yin Portal, small group retreat of 7 or 12 peoples

any question please email

many blessing


Ayahuasca – is a great way to strengthen our connection with the soul and learn to live in a state of balance. This plant has an undeniable strength and power, so it should be used with great responsibility and only under the guidance of experienced shamans.

Ayahuasca works in two ways: it cleans and sets you free from blocks, as well as teaches you. All diseases and sicknesses, whether mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical – is the result of blocked energy. Answers to all internal questions can come as an insight of awareness. By taking part in the ceremony of ayahuasca, you purify, strengthen, and become more aware of your energy, heal, transform and develop.

We will work with the healing traditions of the Amazon jungle, experiencing the benefits of the powerful plants and medicines, physical cleansings and spiritual teachings will allow us to access deeper levels of consciousness, heal emotional wounds, expand the heart and open new channels of understanding. This precious experience opens a window for insight, inspiration and creativity.

For several years’ experience of ceremonies, we came to the Retreat format. A few days of ceremonies – bring very powerful results. Also, the combination of breathing and meditation practices between ceremonies aligns and integrate the energy produced in the ceremonies in the body. The combination of meditations and ceremonies with Ayahuasca complete process and for the participant it will be easier to adapt to social life after the process. We will do Osho meditations, breathing practice, sitting in silence…

This is a precious gift you can give to yourself. And you deserve it!

What you experience here will source you forever.

Preparations for Ayahuasca Retreat

Jungle Medicine Retreat requires careful preparation. Before the ceremonies participants must be sexually abstinent for a week before and three days after.

In addition to sexual abstinence participants must adhere to a strict diet, not eating meat and milk products, alcoholic drinks, as well as sugar, salt, pepper, spices and fatty foods. Foods rich in tyramine and should be excluded from the diet, such as cheeses, meats, sausages, fish, beens, citrus fruits. Medications, antidepressants and drugs are also participants must not use for a week before the Retreat. We can say that diet is directly dependent on the quality and depth of your personal interaction with medicine.


– heart diseases

– serious mental illness

– thrombophlebitis

– pregnancy

It is necessary to have a blanket, pillow , yoga mat or a small mattress to be comfortable to lie on the floor. And also, if you wish, bring musical instruments, crystals , charms , ink drawing ( might want to draw ) , notebook and pen ( might want to write your own experience or coming to you ideas and inspiration ) , fruit.

About Ayahuasca ceremonial process:

We usually start ceremony from preparation a place and blowing with special Peruvian tobacco people and the room. Than we hold sharing, people one by one express their intention. Shamans also talk about their experiences, about all moments that you may encounter during the process. Then the shamans explain the process. During the ceremony the plant will drink once at the beginning, and then every hour will be an additional portion, there will be 3 extra portions total. So everyone will have the opportunity to go deeper during the process. Nobody will remain unaffected.

The ceremony will be held in the traditional format of Peru, in the dark. Participants in the ceremony are invited to take a relaxed open pose, lying down or sitting. Everyone will be in their individual process. Shamans will sing sacred magic songs, Ikaros, they will lead, guide the ceremony. Each song has a sacred meaning, some songs has cleansing effect, rise, healing, recuperation effect. Shamans will sing for 4 hours. After, ceremony will be smoothly completed and at the end shamans will blow with special Peruvian tobacco people and the room, to ground the person. At the end 1 hour shamans will sing mantras and songs for opening the heart. The whole process from beginning till the end will be continued for 5 hours, then participants will be able to sleep, relax. The whole process shamans provide reliably protect the space for everyone!

Shamans worked with plant for 4 years, guided 140 ceremonies together.

After the ceremony we asked to adhere the same diet as before the ceremony.

Contact e-mail: Ayahuascagroup@gmail.com

Ayahuasca Thailand

Have you ever heard about the miraculous Ayahuasca, the drink of Amazon shamans? It comes more and more often to those who want to come into contact with it personally. You will hear the reviews about it from your friends, bump into videos about it on the Internet and read snatches about Ayahuasca ceremony in the world literature. Ayahuasca is alive, it reminds about itself through a variety of symbols: at the streets, in the shops, on those tattooed people… She calls and beckons

Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand
Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand

If this happens to you recently, if you have already accumulated your sacral and secret questions addressed to the Universe, and just waiting for the right moment to resolve them, this is the right moment to meet Ayahuasca. This is the place where your old desires and dreams become real.
In 2015, on the island of Phangan, Thailand the group of professionals conducts regular ritual of Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand. Shamans who have lead more than 140 ceremonies all over the world, who got the initiation directly from Peruvian shamans, invite you to the most powerful psychological, spiritual and mystical retreat of your life. You will get into a week-long purification of the body, group discussions and psychological preparation for the ceremony, you will hear the real Icaros songs, will be fumigating with the smoke of Mapacho tobacco, you will take a drink, from which your body and soul everts, passing through all the circles of the material, physical hell, to get to the original place that you came from…

Ayahuasca ceremony in Thailand Phangan

In order to find more detailed information about the place of the Ayahuasca ceremony Thailand, the ritual of preparation, prices and the duration of the process, you may contact shamans via telephone or email.

phone number: *

email: ayahuascagroup@gmail.com

direct address:  Thailand Phangan, Chiang Mai

and find out all of the information about ayahuasca ceremony personally.

Ayahuasca thailand
Ayahuasca thailand

Ayahuasca in india